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Vietnam Ceramic Pot | Kim Lan Ceramic Plant Pot Factory | Kim Lan Hanoi Pottery

Vietnam Ceramic Pot | Kim Lan Ceramic Plant Pot Factory | Kim Lan Hanoi Pottery

1 Introduction to Kim Lan Hanoi Pottery

Where is Kim Lan Hanoi Pottery located? Is this the reputable address for both wholesale and retail ceramic plant pots for planting ornamental plants in Hanoi? Are the wholesale and retail prices of plant pots reasonable? Is the business conducted ethically? Is there a clear address?

Do their ceramic products exhibit good quality? Do they receive customer complaints? Is there any unethical business behavior? These are the questions that customers certainly want to explore before considering a purchase at our workshop.

Hào Phóng believes that after you finish reading this article, all the doubts and concerns about our pottery workshop will vanish.


The Fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us, and Kim Lan Hanoi Pottery proudly embraces it. We are the pioneering unit in the Kim Lan Pottery Village, as we have gathered all the internal and external pottery workshops within our family.

To carefully select the highest quality products to feature on this website, we hope to offer the best products to customers both within and outside the country, all at the most competitive prices (as we sell at factory prices, we always guarantee the highest quality, reliable delivery times, and the most competitive prices...)

We take immense pride in the fact that within our family, we have a total of 9 siblings, each with their own ceramic workshop producing a variety of unique items. For example, the Huệ Hợp Ceramic Workshop specializes in producing stools, vases, rice containers, and salt and pickle jars.

The Phóng Hương family specializes in creating various types of large plant pots, mini plant pots, and cement plant pots. We offer both wholesale and retail options, including a range of cement plant pots.

Lastly, the aspect we are most proud of and wish to share here is Cụ Lựu, during the transitional phase of socialism when people were laboring in the Bát Tràng Pottery Cooperative, our family's elder served as the leader of the kiln team.

After many years of work there, Cụ Lựu acquired knowledge, which he passed on to his 9 children upon retiring. Each of them now possesses their own ceramic workshop and sustains their livelihood. Outside our family, Cụ Lành established a total of 5 workshops scattered throughout the village, including Hải Huệ Ceramic Workshop (formerly the village chairman), specializing in mini plant pots, ceramic gifts, and premium incense burners.

The Hồng Hòa pottery workshop specializes in producing construction tiles, while the Hoan Nguyệt Ceramic Workshop specializes in crafting various large orchid pots and bombs. These two workshops are at the forefront of transitioning from traditional wood-fired kilns to more efficient gas-fired kilns.

Chú Sơn specializes in crafting exquisite ceramic flower pots, always innovating and altering designs, glazing the vases with continuous creativity. As a result, the vases produced by our workshop are consistently the most beautiful in the village. If you doubt this, please feel free to visit our workshop and see for yourself.

Next, Dì Hòe's Trạc Hòe ceramic workshop, though slower in adapting to gas kilns compared to other workshops in the family, has fortunately utilized and learned from the experiences of those who made the transition earlier. This has led to the creation of beautiful and uniform products.

Despite being situated at the end of the village, their products sell exceptionally well. During the latter part of the year, products like smooth bombs and multi-section bombs are always in short supply. Similarly, our family's ceramic workshop experiences high demand for its products.

We sincerely thank all esteemed customers for reading, exploring, and consistently supporting the ceramic products of Kim Lan Hanoi Pottery. We wish you profitable purchases and perpetual demand!

Finally, the Kim Lan Hanoi Pottery family extends heartfelt gratitude to Hanoi Photography Tour With Windy for assisting us in obtaining these beautiful images. Furthermore, our thanks go to Mr. Phương from Asia Transport for aiding in the design of this attractive website.

Explore More Beautiful Plant Pot Designs Produced at Kim Lan Hanoi Pottery Workshop.

2 Why Should You Wholesale Plant Pots at Kim Lan Hanoi Pottery Factory?

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Kim Lan Ceramic Plant Pot Factory Vietnam

Visit  Kim Lan Ceramic Plant Pot Factory here

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Wholesaling plant pots on will help you avoid certain troubles, save time, and save money. You can choose from various models of plant pots from our workshop, including large plant pots, tabletop plant pots, mini plant pots, stone lotus plant pots, mini tabletop plant pots, and more. Below is a detailed article about the different types of plant pots available at our workshop.

Why should you purchase our products to avoid troubles, save time, and save money?

After more than a year of online sales, I, Hào Phóng, have observed numerous cases of deception on Facebook, especially, and on social media in general. There are instances of individual A transferring money to individual B, but B fails to send the purchased items. Others involve sellers misrepresenting their products, such as advertising goat meat but actually selling dog meat, or claiming to sell elephant meat when it's actually mouse meat...

I've noticed that these instances of deception share a common trait: the sellers on fan pages or selling groups lack transparency in personal information. Avatars often don't depict the actual page owner, and there's a lack of address information, private residences, or definitive contact details. Such pages usually have a small number of fans, and it's almost certain that there's no website address for the business. Phone numbers are used for a while and then abandoned.

Have the considerations I mentioned helped you avoid troubles when shopping online? Moreover, Kim Lan Hanoi Pottery has a team of highly professional ceramic sales consultants. These individuals are all close family members and have grown up surrounded by ceramic products. They possess an intimate understanding of ceramics that no one else can match.

Classification of Plant Pot Models from Kim Lan Hanoi Pottery Workshop:

Kim Lan Hanoi Pottery takes pride in being the first unit to introduce household pottery products to the online selling platform within the Kim Lan pottery village. Currently, there are various types of plant pots produced at the Kim Lan Hanoi Pottery Workshop.

In the years 2022 – 2023, building upon the success of 2022 and aiming for 2023, we continue to focus on various types of plant pots, including large-sized pots, medium-sized pots, and mini plant pots with cool and glossy glaze as well as budget-friendly matte glaze.

3 Classification of Plant Pot Models from Kim Lan Hanoi Pottery Workshop:

Kim Lan Hanoi Pottery takes pride in being the first unit to introduce household pottery products to the online selling platform within the Kim Lan pottery village. Currently, there are various types of plant pots produced at the Kim Lan Hanoi Pottery Workshop.

In the years 2022 – 2023, building upon the success of 2022 and aiming for 2023, we continue to focus on various types of plant pots, including large-sized pots, medium-sized pots, and mini plant pots with cool and glossy glaze as well as budget-friendly matte glaze.

3.1 Large-sized plant pots:

Large Planting Pot of Kim Lan Hanoi

Large Planting Pot of Kim Lan Hanoi

This type is suitable for mountainous regions with spacious gardens and open landscapes where people desire to grow larger plants like trees and bushes such as roses, daisies, and vạn phúc. In 2022, we produced a variety of large-sized pots for regions in the northeastern and northwestern mountains like Bắc Giang, Hà Giang, Lào Cai...

3.2 Large Plant Pots (Big Plant Pots):

Large-sized pots are well-suited for all types of customers due to their diverse designs, sizes, and glaze options. These pots cater to various social demographics, from mountainous areas, rural locations, and urban settings to apartments and private homes. Large-sized plant pots range from heights of 30cm to 50cm and typically have mouth diameters of 30-40cm. They are suitable for growing plants like money trees, split-leaf philodendrons, and lucky bamboo. In 2022, we revitalized and innovated various large-sized pot designs to cater to different customer preferences.

In early 2023, consumer preferences underwent significant changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic, financial constraints, and limited income. This led to a decrease in demand for expensive plant pots. Many budget-conscious customers chose plastic pots over costly, elegant ceramic ones. Despite being aware of the limitations of plastic pots in terms of durability against weather conditions, they opted for practicality over luxury.

Kim Lan Hanoi Pottery Workshop swiftly adapted to these changes by adjusting pot designs, sizes, and materials. We limited the production of extra-large pots and focused on producing large-sized pots with heights under 50cm and mouth diameters under 42cm. By utilizing plain white glaze, we managed to reduce the cost associated with colored glazes. Our ceramic pots are more affordable compared to cement, stone, or composite pots. In the realm of ceramic pots, our white pots are less expensive than imitation Dong Nai ceramic pots. Moreover, they offer advantages such as lightweight construction and high durability against weather conditions.

Our large-sized plant pots can also be classified by the material that comprises the product:

3.2.1 Animal-shaped Plant Pots for Gardens:

These animal-shaped plant pots are considered novel products as they differ from the common miniature stone bonsai pots. We innovate by creating ceramic animal-shaped pots designed for gardens with larger dimensions.

Animal-shaped Plant Pots for Gardens

3.2.2 Ceramic Plant Pots:

Within the ceramic plant pot segment, pots can be classified based on the glaze color: White Ceramic Plant Pots:

White is the predominant color and is extensively used for easy integration into various home décor settings. However, white pots demand meticulous craftsmanship, as even slight defects are easily noticeable due to the color's reflective nature.

Kim Lan White Ceramic Plant Pots Stone-like Glaze Ceramic Plant Pots:

In 2021, stone-like glaze gained popularity in Kim Lan's pottery scene. It was utilized in bonsai, miniature, and larger pots, showcasing a sophisticated look. This glaze offers even coverage, making it difficult to detect imperfections.

Stone-like Glaze Ceramic Plant Pots Color-changing Glaze Ceramic Plant Pots:

This type of glaze was initially introduced in 2020 for vase production. Eventually, it was utilized in miniature stone bonsai pots and desk pots due to its high cost. This glaze evolves with different lighting conditions, creating a dynamic effect.

Kim Lan Color-changing Glaze Ceramic Plant Pots Dong Nai-style Ceramic Plant Pots:

This type of glaze was developed in China and brought to Vietnam through overseas Chinese communities. It gained momentum in Dong Nai province. We have created a similar glaze called imitation Dong Nai glaze, which closely resembles the original. However, the imitation glaze may lack the nuanced hues of the authentic Dong Nai glaze. Green Jade Glaze Ceramic Plant Pots:

Green Jade Glaze Ceramic Plant Pots" offer a perfect fusion of aesthetics and functionality, bringing a touch of elegance to any indoor or outdoor space. These exquisite ceramic plant pots are coated with a stunning green jade glaze, which not only adds a vibrant pop of color but also captures the essence of nature.

The green jade glaze creates a captivating play of light and shadow, reflecting the natural world's tranquility. It mimics the beauty of lush foliage and embodies the rejuvenating energy of a thriving garden. The pots' smooth, glossy surface adds a sense of luxury and sophistication, making them ideal for both contemporary and traditional settings.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each ceramic pot is a work of art in its own right. The craftsmanship and expertise that go into making these pots ensure their durability and longevity. Their robust construction allows them to withstand the elements, making them suitable for outdoor use as well.

The spacious interior of these pots provides ample room for various plant species to flourish. From vibrant flowers to verdant foliage, the pots serve as the perfect canvas for botanical creativity. Their versatile design makes them suitable for housing a single statement plant or creating a harmonious arrangement of multiple plants.

Whether placed in a living room, garden, patio, or office, these Green Jade Glaze Ceramic Plant Pots become focal points that draw attention and admiration. They harmonize with the surrounding decor and elevate the ambiance of any space. Their unique combination of artistry, functionality, and nature's inspiration makes them a desirable choice for plant enthusiasts, interior designers, and anyone seeking to infuse natural beauty into their environment.

Kim Lan Green Jade Glaze Ceramic Plant Pots Crackle Glaze Ceramic Plant Pots:

This is a relatively new type of glaze that has been introduced for testing and mass production. Though its color consistency is not yet high, its usage is expected to increase in 2022.

The details above outline various types of ceramic plant pots produced by Kim Lan Hanoi Pottery Workshop, categorized by size, glaze, and design. These pots cater to diverse customer preferences and market demands. Our commitment is to provide high-quality products that meet customer satisfaction.

Kim Lan Crackle Glaze Ceramic Plant Pots

3.3 Medium-sized Plant Pots (Tabletop Plant Pots)

In this category, we emphasize the significance of tabletop plant pots. These pots are designed to be of moderate size, perfect for indoor spaces or adorning tabletops. With their practical dimensions, they offer an affordable price point that appeals to a diverse range of customers within society. Within this segment, we further classify them into two types: medium-sized pots with a cool glaze and medium-sized pots with a glossy glaze.

Medium-sized pots with a cool glaze cater to the needs of urban dwellers who demand higher-quality products. These pots are designed to fit seamlessly into contemporary lifestyles, yet their cool glaze raises the overall cost due to its higher production expense.

Medium-sized pots with a glossy glaze, on the other hand, offer an economical option. Our selection typically includes basic colors such as black and white, in line with the preferences of customers from the northern region. We also offer a bronze color, popular among bonsai enthusiasts nationwide.

For customers residing in the central regions, such as Da Nang, Hue, or Quy Nhon, we offer medium-sized pots in various colors to suit their preferences.

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Medium-sized Plant Pots (Tabletop Plant Pots)

3.4 Mini Plant Pots

For Mini Plant Pots, please contact us directly via the Zalo hotline at 0962334368 (Mrs. Huong) for images, dimensions, wholesale prices, and the best quality from our workshop.

Mini plant pots are divided into four categories:

3.4.1 Type 1: Mini pots with a cool glaze

This segment offers a diverse range of designs and sizes, from tiny pots suitable for miniature landscapes to larger sizes suitable for tabletop plants or indoor arrangements. Popular designs include bonsai pots, diamond-shaped mini pots, hazelnut pots, mini pots with printed decals, and color-changing mini pots.

Kim Lan Mini pots with a cool glaze

3.4.2 Type 2: Mini pots with a glossy glaze

Considered the most economical option in the market, these pots feature a budget-friendly glaze, resulting in a cost-effective product. Despite their affordability, Gom Su Kim Lan Hanoi commits to providing the best and most beautiful products we produce. We meticulously select products, minimizing the instances of cracking, warping, or faults. Please note that our products might differ from those of other manufacturers in terms of quality and price.

3.4.3 Type 3: Mini bonsai pots

Mini bonsai pots are divided into three main categories: mini pots with a bronze glaze, mini pots made from red clay, and mini pots with a crackled glaze.

3.4.4 Type 4: Mini pots terracotta pots

These pots, made from white or red fired clay, showcase a natural color without any external glaze, ensuring the color remains durable over time. Customers have the creative freedom to paint or decorate these pots as they wish. Please contact us for the best wholesale prices on these unique fired clay mini pots.

We always prioritize customer satisfaction with our products. Your contentment is our success.

We sincerely thank you for visiting our website and look forward to welcoming you to our workshop soon.

3.5 Orchid Plant Pots:

Ceramic orchid plant pots are considered a special category due to their growing popularity. They offer a variety of designs and sizes, catering to different preferences and needs.

Mini ceramic pots for orchids with 1, 2, or 3 branches

Among the exquisite array of ceramic plant pots, the Kim Lan Orchid Plant Pots stand out as a prime example of sophistication and aesthetic appeal. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of the needs of orchid enthusiasts, these pots serve as the ideal vessels for nurturing and displaying these delicate and stunning flowering plants.

Design and Style: The Kim Lan Orchid Plant Pots are carefully designed to complement the grace and beauty of orchids. They come in a range of sizes, shapes, and glazes, catering to different orchid varieties and personal preferences. The pots are thoughtfully crafted to provide the right environment for orchid growth, allowing for proper drainage and ventilation to ensure the health and vitality of the plants.

Glaze Varieties: The pots are available in various glaze options, each adding its unique charm to the overall aesthetics. Customers can choose from a selection of glazes, including glossy finishes that offer a touch of sophistication, or more earthy and natural tones that harmonize with the organic beauty of orchids.

Functional Features: Kim Lan Orchid Plant Pots are designed with functionality in mind. These pots are equipped with features that enhance the well-being of orchids. Adequate drainage holes prevent waterlogging, which is crucial for the health of orchid roots. Moreover, the pots are crafted to provide sufficient stability to prevent toppling while maintaining an elegant and unobtrusive appearance.

Versatility: These plant pots are versatile and suitable for various orchid species. Whether you're nurturing vibrant Phalaenopsis orchids or intricate Cattleya varieties, Kim Lan Orchid Plant Pots offer a perfect home for your cherished plants. The versatile sizing ensures that you'll find the right fit for your orchids, whether they're just starting to bloom or in full splendor.

Quality and Durability: Kim Lan is renowned for its commitment to quality, and the Orchid Plant Pots are no exception. Crafted with premium ceramics and employing expert craftsmanship, these pots are built to last. The durable materials ensure that the pots withstand the test of time and maintain their elegance even after prolonged use.

Enhancing Aesthetic Appeal: Beyond their functionality, Kim Lan Orchid Plant Pots add a touch of elegance to any space. Whether you place them on windowsills, tabletops, or as centerpieces, these pots effortlessly elevate the visual appeal of your interior design. The combination of orchids' natural beauty and the exquisite craftsmanship of these pots creates a captivating display that draws admiration.

Conclusion: Kim Lan Orchid Plant Pots are a testament to the artistry, quality, and dedication that Kim Lan invests in its ceramic creations. They offer a harmonious blend of form and function, making them an essential addition to any orchid enthusiast's collection. With these pots, your orchids can flourish in an environment that not only supports their growth but also showcases their elegance and allure.

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Kim Lan Orchid Plant Pots_edited.jpg

4 Quality of Ceramic Plant Pots from Kim Lan Hanoi

When you inquire about prices through the Zalo hotline, email, Google Maps messages, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, iMessage, or any other means, you can expect to receive our wholesale price, product images, and dimensions within 5-10 minutes.

5 Receiving Quotes for Various Plant Pot Models:

Every ceramic product undergoes meticulous inspection before packaging and delivery to customers. We ensure that the products match the requested model, quantity, color, and size. All our ceramic products are manufactured in Kim Lan Bat Trang, Hanoi, Vietnam. We do not engage in any import-export practices involving products from other countries, unless customers specifically request certain mini pots from China.

6 Wholesale Plant Pots and Payment Method:

If you are interested in purchasing wholesale plant pots, please send a message via our Zalo Hotline at 0962334368. We will promptly provide you with product images, wholesale prices, and dimensions. We offer the best wholesale prices that we have been providing to customers throughout the years 2020, 2021, and 2022 due to the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic crisis. Rest assured, you will receive the best deals. Our focus is on value and reputation, building a brand that will become a prominent source for wholesale plant pots in Hanoi and across Vietnam in the near future.

Payment Method:

After we provide you with the wholesale price, and you agree to the terms, we will create an order for you. You will need to make a deposit of at least 30% of the total order amount. This deposit will enable us to prepare and package the products securely for transportation. For larger pots, we will use paper wrapping and bamboo baskets for added protection during transportation. The larger pots will be loaded onto specialized trucks for delivery.

Once all the ordered ceramic products are ready for shipment, the shipping company (Mekoong Company Limited) will issue an invoice for the transportation fee. We negotiate the best rates to ensure you can offer competitive retail prices to your local customers. The transportation fee can be paid directly to the driver upon receiving the goods. The remaining balance for the products can be settled through a bank transfer to our workshop.

If you have concerns about receiving damaged products during transportation, please be assured that we prioritize customer satisfaction and product quality. We pledge to provide the highest level of responsibility in case any of our ceramic products arrive damaged. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and reputation ensures that you will have a seamless experience with us.

If you have read the above details, you now have a clear understanding of how our workshop operates. To purchase wholesale plant pots from us, please use the following channels:

7 To quickly purchase wholesale plant pots of various types, visit our official website:

You can also visit:

Connect with us through our official Fanpage:

Contact us via our official email:

Reach out through our Zalo hotline (available 24/7): 0962334368 (Mrs. Hương)

Or use our English WhatsApp number: 0084977373386 (Mr. Windy)

Given the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic crisis in 2022-2023, Gốm Sứ Kim Lan Hà Nội is committed to offering special prices to stimulate shopping and support both existing and new partners.

We sincerely thank all our distributors and customers nationwide for their support throughout 2022, and we hope to receive even more support in 2023.

Wholesale plant pots - Gốm Sứ Kim Lan Hà Nội serving domestically and globally.

8 Wholesale Policy for Plant Pots at Gốm Sứ Kim Lan Hà Nội:

8.1 Discounted Wholesale Prices:

Wholesale prices are calculated based on the quantity of products ordered. The more you order, the better the wholesale price you'll receive. Typically, for customers ordering large ceramic plant pots with a value exceeding 10 million VND, we will fully cover the transportation fee from our workshop to the designated drop-off point.

8.2 Shipping Policy:

For large orders, we offer the option to deliver products to the requested address. If your order exceeds 10 million VND, we provide complimentary shipping support to the North-South transport station. For deliveries within Hanoi or to nearby provinces, the shipping support varies based on the distance and order quantity.

8.3 Product Exchange and Returns:

If any product is faulty, damaged, or does not meet your specifications, Gốm Sứ Kim Lan Hà Nội will either replace the product or refund your payment.

8.4 Consultation Support:

Our enthusiastic and knowledgeable team at Gốm Sứ Kim Lan Hà Nội is available to provide advice and recommendations on selecting the right products based on your usage needs.

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