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How To Import Vietnam Glazed Geramic Planter Pots From Manufacturers | Kim Lan Ceramic Village

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Glazed ceramic planters (Flower Pots) and plant Pots
Glazed Ceramic Planters (Flower Pots) And Plant Pots

Where is the Kim Lan Ceramic Village?

Kim Lan ceramic village is considered to be the cradle of household ceramic products of the ancient Thang Long citadel ( now Ha noi). From source of white clay in the Bach Tho Thon village ( white clay hamlet), through the talented and skillful hands of artisans, they have created beautiful and useful products for daily life.
Kim Lan ceramic village is located in Gia Lam district, southeast of Hanoi, bordered to the north by Bat Trang ancient village, to the west by Hoang Mai district, , to the east by Xuan Quan Hung Yen, , to the South by Van Duc commune ,which has a long history and is also one of the famous ceramic centers of Vietnam country.
The special feature of Kim Lan ceramics is that the products are not too picky about details but create convenience and comfort for users. The products of the pottery village are very rich and diverse, from small products such as toothpicks, candlesticks to large products such as plant pots, flower pot(planters), wine bottles, jars of pickled salt, etc. Kim Lan also focuses on developing ceramic products for construction such as decorative tiles and bricks, balustrades,
The products of Kim Lan Ceramic Village are divided into the following main categories:

Which Ceramic Products Are Kim Lan Ceramic Villagers Making ?

Household ceramics

In Kim Lan, we will take you inside the best shops to know more about how you can make your household ceramic products. The shopkeepers will teach you how to control the pottery machine to mould your clay into any shape that you want to create the perfect tableware for you. You can even explore the shop to purchase different products from the store or order your customized wares.

Spiritual ceramics