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Perhaps you are wondering where to buy porcelain pots for planting orchids in Hanoi? Are orchid pots affordable? Is the quality of porcelain pots for orchids reliable? Is shipping fast and inexpensive? Most stores on the main streets primarily sell pots with pre-planted orchids, but many customers who receive orchids as gifts from acquaintances or buy beautiful mountain orchids during their travels want to find pots for planting or displaying orchids during Tet (Lunar New Year). We believe that after reading this article, you will find the most suitable pot among our 99+ models for planting orchids.


Welcome to the Kim Lan pottery village in Hanoi, where we take pride in being one of the oldest pottery villages in the capital, known as the ceramic and porcelain home of ancient Thang Long.


In the present day, we proudly stand as one of the largest pottery villages specializing in producing plant pots nationwide, with over 300 workshops producing ornamental plant pots and hundreds of workshops producing soaking pots for alcohol, salted vegetables, ceramic paintings, porcelain stools, and more.


One of the hottest types of ornamental plant pots in the market in the past 1-2 years is the orchid plant pot in general, and the porcelain orchid pot in particular. In the last 1-2 years, the government has been tightening the regulations on deforestation, leading to an increase in customers switching to orchid cultivation. This shift is mainly observed in large cities such as Hanoi, Hai Phong, Quang Ninh, Bac Ninh, where many affluent families now have the means to indulge in and appreciate this type of flower.

1 Introduction to porcelain orchid planting pots.


Planting orchids in porcelain pots is a growing trend in decorating living spaces. With the combination of the beauty of orchids and the elegance of porcelain, the 99+ beautiful wholesale orchid planting porcelain pots at the best prices in 2023 are attracting the attention of many plant enthusiasts.


1.1 The popularity and preference for planting orchids in porcelain pots.


Planting orchids has become a popular trend in interior and garden decoration in recent years. With its luxurious beauty, vibrant colors, and gentle fragrance, orchids attract the attention of many plant enthusiasts. Planting orchids in porcelain pots creates an elegant, luxurious living space that is close to nature.


1.2 Features and benefits of using white porcelain pots for planting orchids.


Porcelain pots are an ideal choice for planting orchids because they offer many attractive features and benefits. First, porcelain pots are highly durable and withstand harsh weather conditions, allowing you to place the pots outdoors without worrying about damage. Second, porcelain pots have good drainage, preventing orchids from becoming waterlogged and damaging the roots. Additionally, porcelain pots provide aesthetic beauty with diverse designs, ranging from traditional to modern and luxurious.


Planting orchids in porcelain pots not only creates an artistic focal point in living spaces but also brings environmental and psychological benefits. Orchids can freshen the air, reduce stress, enhance concentration, and create a sense of relaxation. Moreover, planting orchids in porcelain pots helps raise awareness of environmental protection and promotes sustainable plant development.


Choosing the best wholesale orchid planting porcelain pots in 2023 brings many benefits to growers. With a suitable pot design, you can create an impressive decoration for your interior or garden. Furthermore, the best wholesale prices in 2023 help you save costs and have the opportunity to purchase beautiful pots at reasonable prices.


In the context of increasing demand for planting orchids in porcelain pots, many stores and suppliers now offer various models of porcelain pots for planting orchids at the best wholesale prices. However, when choosing porcelain pots, you need to consider the quality, size, design, and aesthetic appeal of the pots. Additionally, researching the reputation and reviews of the supplier is essential to ensure that you receive a quality product and excellent support services.


In the next part of the article, we will introduce you to the best wholesale porcelain orchid planting pots in 2023. You will have the opportunity to explore unique and diverse designs, from traditional models to the latest trends in planting orchids in porcelain pots.

2 Best Price Lists for Porcelain Orchid Planting Pots at Kim Lan Ceramic Workshop in Hanoi 2024.

  • ✅ Porcelain orchid planting pot. Price: 350,000 VND.

  • ✅ Low round white porcelain pot for orchid planting. Price: 220,000 VND.

  • ✅ Porcelain orchid planting pot with 6 branches. Price: 300,000 VND.

  • ✅ Hexagonal porcelain pot from Kim Lan Hanoi for orchid planting. Price: 300,000 VND.

  • ✅ Diamond-shaped porcelain pot from Kim Cuong Hanoi for table orchid planting. Price: 350,000 VND.

  • ✅ Affordable porcelain orchid planting pot for sale in Hanoi. Price: 380,000 VND.

  • ✅ High-quality porcelain cup-shaped pot for orchid planting. Price: 1,190,000 VND.

  • ✅ Beehive-patterned porcelain pot for orchid planting, price: 99,000 VND.

  • ✅ Mini porcelain pot for affordable orchid planting, price: 9,000 VND.

For wholesale purchases, contact Zalo at 0962334368 for the best wholesale prices.


3 Compilation of the Most Beautiful Porcelain Orchid Planting Pot Models in 2023:

zalo của gốm sứ kim lan hà nội
message của gốm sứ kim lan hà nội



In addition to the porcelain orchid planting pots mentioned above, customers can choose from various other plant pot models for orchid cultivation. In 2022, 2023, and especially during the Tet holiday in the Year of the Tiger 2023, despite the economic downturn, the demand for Tet orchid decoration remains high. However, the number of people using high-quality materials for orchid decoration is limited, and there is a significant market for affordable options.


To address this, we have written this article to provide you with new approaches to purchasing high-quality, beautiful products at extremely affordable prices. Read through this article, and I believe you can find suitable orchid planting pots that match both your aesthetic preferences and budget.


4.1 High-quality Wood Orchid Planting Pot.


In the years before the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a considerable demand for this type of pot. These pots are made from premium wood, and once the orchids are planted, they can be quite heavy, often weighing over 30kg, with dozens or even hundreds of branches. While these pots and orchids come with a higher price tag, wood pots are environmentally friendly and exude elegance. Placing these pots in hotel lobbies, large companies, or upscale stores adds a touch of sophistication.


4.2 Mother-of-Pearl Inlay Pot


In recent years, there has been a growing demand for lacquer-painted pots among customers with large stores, hotels, restaurants, offices, and organizations. The inside of the pot is made of lightweight composite material, while the outside is adorned with mother-of-pearl inlay, giving the pot a luxurious and elegant appearance. However, these pots come with a relatively high price.


4.3 Lacquer-Painted Pot


In recent years, lacquer-painted flower vases or orchid planting pots have gained popularity. These pots are lightweight, made from composite or unglazed ceramic. The external surface is painted and polished, giving the pot an eye-catching color with fewer enamel issues compared to traditional porcelain pots.


4.4 Composite Orchid Planting Pot


With the advantage of a beautiful and premium exterior color layer, these pots are made from high-quality chemical fibers, ensuring high durability and colorfastness. Moreover, these lightweight pots are easy to transport. If you are in Hanoi, you can visit the Ipot store, or if you are in Ho Chi Minh City, you can check out Ma Belle's shop.


4.5 Plastic Orchid Planting Pot


This is the most affordable type of pot, widely accepted by many people due to the practicality of temporary orchid decorations during the Tet holiday. As these pots are kept indoors and not exposed to rain and sunlight, they remain colorfast, and people primarily admire the flowers rather than the pots.


4.6 Lightweight Cement Orchid Planting Pot


This type of pot has a reasonable price, a modern design, and is molded using various molds, resulting in diverse shapes. These pots are often used for planting feng shui plants in hallways, living rooms, or balconies. During the year-end season, some customers also use them for planting orchids due to their relatively rich color palette.


4.7 Polished Stone Cement Orchid Planting Pot


Cement pots with polished stones are used to plant various ornamental and interior plants. These pots are a combination of crushed Granite with a high gloss, marble, and bonding with cement and Caro fiber.


Therefore, they ensure high strength and modernity. The smooth surface of the pot highlights the spots of stone in the composition. Due to the smooth surface, luxurious color, these pots are often placed in elegant areas, such as hallways in high-rise buildings, large company lobbies, and areas with a lot of glass.


4.8 Heavy Cement Orchid Planting Pot


While customers living in high-rise buildings prefer lightweight cement pots for orchid planting, those in suburban areas prefer heavy cement pots for various plants. These pots have a low cost, but they are relatively heavy. However, they can be painted in various colors, allowing you to choose according to your preferences.


4.9 Boat-shaped Pot


Boat-shaped pots resemble boats on water. These pots can be made from various materials such as ceramics, wood, composite, and inlaid with mother-of-pearl. When made from glazed ceramics and externally coated with enamel and gold paint, they look extremely luxurious.


4.10 Terracotta Orchid Planting Pot


In addition to the mentioned materials, there is another material that is familiar and friendly: terracotta. With this red terracotta material, usually used for planting 1-2-3 branches for tables. The target customers for this type of pot are those in small offices or apartments. To purchase these mini terracotta pots, you can visit the Bat Trang pottery village or travel an additional 2km to visit the ancient Kim Lan pottery village.


5 Tips for Orchid Care in Porcelain Pots.


Caring for orchids in porcelain pots requires special attention to ensure optimal growth and flowering. Below are guidelines and tips for caring for orchids in porcelain pots.


5.1 Choose the Right Porcelain Pot:


Select a porcelain pot with drainage holes at the bottom to ensure proper water drainage and prevent waterlogging. The pot should be spacious enough for the orchid roots to have room for growth.


5.2 Soil and Care Medium:


Orchids thrive in a well-draining care medium, such as a mix of bark, coconut fiber, perlite, or gravel. It is essential to ensure that the care medium retains moisture without causing waterlogging.


5.3 Watering:


Water orchids when the care medium is completely dry. Avoid overwatering to prevent root rot. However, do not let the plant become excessively dry, as

orchids also require a certain amount of water. If unsure, check the moisture content of the care medium before watering.


5.4 Light:


Orchids prefer bright light and should not be placed in excessively dark areas. Position the pot near a window or in a location with natural light, but avoid direct sunlight exposure in the middle of the day, as it may cause leaf burn.


5.5 Temperature and Humidity:


Orchids thrive in a stable temperature range of 18-27°C and humidity levels between 40-60%. Avoid placing the pot near heat sources such as heaters or air conditioners.


5.6 Fertilizing:


Fertilizing is a way to provide nutrients to orchids. Use orchid fertilizer with a balanced composition and follow the instructions on the packaging. Apply fertilizer evenly on the care medium. Typically, orchids need to be fertilized every 2-4 weeks during the growing season and every 4-6 weeks during the dormant season. However, read the instructions on the fertilizer packaging and follow specific guidelines.


5.7 Pest and Disease Management:


Regularly inspect the plant for early detection of signs of pests or diseases. If identified, use suitable insecticides or natural remedies to control the issue.

Create the Right Conditions for Growth:

As the orchid grows and its roots extend beyond the porcelain pot, consider transferring the plant to a larger pot to provide more space for root development. This helps the orchid grow stronger and flower more successfully.


5.8 Monitor and Adjust Care:


Regularly monitor the plant to detect any issues early and adjust care accordingly. Pay attention to leaf condition, color, and overall growth to know when to adjust watering, light, or fertilizer.


In summary, to care for orchids in porcelain pots, pay attention to the care medium, water correctly, provide suitable light and temperature, fertilize regularly, manage pests and diseases, and adjust care based on the plant's condition. With proper attention and care, orchids in porcelain pots will thrive and bloom beautifully.



Additionally, to ensure continued health and vibrancy in your orchids, consider the following care practices:


5.9 Pruning and Maintenance:


Regularly prune dead or yellowing leaves to encourage new growth and maintain the overall appearance of the orchid. Remove spent flower spikes to redirect the plant's energy into new blooms.


5.10 Repotting:


Orchids generally benefit from repotting every 1-2 years to refresh the care medium and provide additional space for root growth. Choose an appropriate time, such as after flowering, to carefully repot your orchid into a slightly larger porcelain pot.


5.11 Air Circulation:


Ensure proper air circulation around the orchid by avoiding overcrowded placement with other plants. Good air circulation helps prevent the development of fungal and bacterial issues.


5.12 Support for Tall Stems:


If your orchid produces tall flower spikes that might become top-heavy, provide support with stakes or orchid clips. This prevents the stems from bending or breaking, especially as the flowers develop.


5.13 Adjustments for Seasonal Changes:


Orchids may have different care requirements during different seasons. For instance, they may need more water during active growth phases and less during dormancy. Adjust your care routine accordingly.


5.14 Observation and Learning:


Pay close attention to your orchid's response to care practices. Orchids can sometimes be sensitive to changes, and observing their reactions helps you fine-tune your care routine. Learn about the specific species of orchid you have, as different types may have slightly different preferences.


5.15 Protection from Drafts:


Avoid placing orchids in locations with strong drafts, as they can be sensitive to sudden temperature changes. Protect them from cold drafts during winter months.


Remember that successful orchid care involves a combination of factors tailored to the specific needs of your plant. Regularly assess the conditions, stay attentive to the orchid's health, and be prepared to make adjustments as needed. With consistent care, your orchids will reward you with stunning blooms and lush, healthy growth.




6.1 Information on wholesale purchases of porcelain pots for orchids in 2024.


As mentioned in another article by Gốm Sứ Kim Lan Hà Nội, despite having decades of experience in ceramic production, our online business has only been established for less than 3 years. Nevertheless, we are continuously striving to build the brand of Gốm Sứ Kim Lan Hà Nội, Vietnam, making it better, more reputable, and earning admiration from customers both domestically and internationally. Our primary products, which are the strengths of our Kim Lan ceramic village, include household ceramics such as porcelain stools, orchid pots, salt pickle jars, and wine-soaking ceramic tubs.


Being relatively new in the online business community, we make every effort to serve the majority of customers, not just individual retail customers. Whether you're buying a few pots, a pair of pots, or coordinating with neighbors in an apartment building or housing complex to purchase a substantial quantity of ceramic products, we provide support in terms of pricing and shipping costs. Besides individual customers, we also serve large garden centers in central Hanoi, such as Hoàng Hoa Thám or Vạn Phúc Hà Đông Plant Market. While we cannot disclose the names of all reputable dealers, one example is Cây Cảnh Hà Nội owned by Mr. Việt.


Large retailers in urban areas usually don't purchase large quantities, not because they lack the funds or doubt our credibility, but due to limited business space. They often utilize their space for display and decoration purposes, and their storage space is typically small, making warehousing challenging.


For us, selling products under 10 million VND is considered wholesale, and customers in this range receive wholesale prices along with some assistance in transportation costs.

To get the best wholesale and retail prices and favorable deals in the post-COVID-19 years of 2023, please contact us:

Hotline/Zalo: 0962334368 or Tel: 0399.643.626 



6.2 Price and quality comparison of various porcelain pot suppliers.


When you visit the ancient Kim Lan ceramic village, you immerse yourself in the world of ceramics in general and, more specifically, the world of orchid pot workshops.


The Kim Lan Hanoi porcelain pot manufacturing workshop offers a variety of sizes and designs. Product prices are based on size, glaze color, and the quantity ordered by customers, whether large or small.


Our workshop commits to thoroughly checking the quality of all products. We assure on-time delivery for both large and massive quantities. All products are carefully packaged and guaranteed to reach consumers' hands or the stores of distributors.


6.3 Introduction to discount policies and attractive incentives for customers when buying wholesale and retail orchid pots.


6.3.1 How much is the transportation fee for concrete plant pots? Is it expensive?


The transportation fee for orchid pots can vary depending on factors such as the size and weight of the pots, delivery location, the shipping company used, and the shipping policies of each seller.


This means there is no specific universal shipping fee for all orchid pots.

Shipping fees may be calculated based on the weight or size of the package, or they may be calculated separately and communicated before payment.


If you buy orchid pots from a local store and choose to pick up the items yourself, the shipping fee may not apply. This can help you save on shipping costs.


To determine the exact shipping fee for orchid pots, it's advisable to check directly with us.


We will provide detailed information about the shipping fee based on specific factors related to your order, such as:


  • If you are buying orchid pots with sizes ranging from small to medium (under 1m).

  • Our professional delivery team using motorcycles will deliver the pots directly to your doorstep or to the entrance of your apartment building. If you want our staff to carry the pots to your rooftop or upper floors, please inform our advisory staff so that we can coordinate with our shippers and inform you quickly.

Due to the large size and weight of ceramic pots for planting, the transportation fee for large trucks or cranes can be almost double or triple that of regular trucks.

To find out the shipping fee and the best product prices, please inbox us and provide your address for us to check the distance and quote the fees for lifting these pot models.


6.3.2 Discounts when buying orchid pots in large quantities:


When buying orchid pots in large quantities, customers can enjoy several incentives from our orchid pot workshop. Some common incentives include:

  • Percentage discounts based on the quantity purchased.

  • Free shipping or partial support for shipping costs.

  • Free gifts or accessories when purchasing large quantities.

  • Expert advice on caring for plants and choosing suitable pots.

To enjoy these incentives when buying orchid pots in large quantities, please contact us directly via Zalo, where our experts in ceramic plant pots or concrete plant pots will provide the best suggestions for the type of plant you want to grow and the location where you want to place it, taking into account your budget for spending.




When purchasing porcelain pots for orchids, there are several important factors to consider. Here are some considerations when choosing the right porcelain pot:


7.1 Pot Size:


The size of the porcelain pot must match the current size of the orchid and its potential for future growth. The pot should not be too small to restrict the plant's growth, nor too large to avoid excess care materials.


7.2 Quality Material:


Choose pots made from quality materials such as porcelain, ceramics, or stone. These materials help absorb and maintain moisture for the plant while providing essential aeration for orchid roots.


7.3 Aesthetic Design:


Porcelain pots should have an aesthetic design to enhance the beauty of the orchid. You can choose pots with patterns, colors, or designs that complement the decorative space where you place the plant.


7.4 Good Drainage:


Ensure that the porcelain pot has drainage holes at the bottom to facilitate proper water drainage and prevent waterlogging, which can harm orchid roots. The drainage holes should be large enough to allow water to escape without blockages.

✅ Suggestions for choosing a suitable porcelain pot based on the size and type of orchid you want to plant:

  • Miniature Orchids: Choose a small pot with a diameter of about 7-10cm. A compact and cute porcelain pot is an excellent choice for small miniature orchids.

  • Common Orchids: Opt for a pot with a diameter of 12-20cm. This ensures enough space for orchid roots to grow and absorb water and nutrients effectively.

  • Large Orchids: Select a pot with a diameter of 20-30cm or more if the plant has grown significantly. A larger pot provides sufficient space for root development and stability during the orchid's growth.

  • Hanging Orchids: For hanging orchids, you can choose a pot with a hanging design or use a hanging hook to attach the porcelain pot. It's crucial that the porcelain pot has drainage holes and is not too heavy when hanging.

Additionally, when choosing a porcelain pot, consider not only size and material but also compatibility with interior decoration style and overall color scheme. The porcelain pot can be an artistic focal point, adding beauty to your orchid.

Finally, choose porcelain pots from stores specializing in plants or quality porcelain pots to ensure you have a beautiful and high-quality pot for your orchids.




This article has listed various types of ceramic pots used for arranging and planting different orchid varieties. With diverse designs and materials, finding a suitable pot for your feng shui, budget, and aesthetic preferences may not be easy.

After reading this article, I hope you have gained insights and made decisions that best suit your needs. If you are in Hanoi or its surrounding provinces, you can visit Kim Lan Ceramic Village, Bat Trang, Gia Lam, Hanoi—two adjacent villages. Explore and choose your preferred pot with the best quality and price directly from the workshop, ensuring the best wholesale and retail prices.


If you want to inquire about prices or don't know how to get to these two ceramic villages, please feel free to contact us via Zalo/Hotline: 0399.643.626. Ms. Hương is always ready to advise and send samples as quickly as possible.

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