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Mieu Ban In Giang Cao Village: A Living Reflection of Heritage and Progress

In the winding lanes of Giang Cao's second hamlet, the legacy of Thành Hoàng Lê Huệ and Lê Kiêm, ancestral landowners, endures in the collective memory. Infused with legends, the Miếu Bản stands as a symbol of tradition and communal remembrance.

Mieu Ban In Giang Cao Village
Mieu Ban In Giang Cao Village

As recounted by the elders, during the Trần dynasty, amidst widespread epidemics, the revered healers Lê Huệ and Lê Kiêm established their encampments in Hoàng Xà, overlooking the Red River. With their profound knowledge of herbal medicine, they saved countless lives from the clutches of disease. Their selfless service earned them the titles of Thành Hoàng - "Lê Huệ, the third illustrious figure," and "Lê Kiêm, the fourth grand figure."

Mieu Ban In Giang Cao Village-Bat Trang
Mieu Ban In Giang Cao Village-Bat Trang

Over time, the vicinity surrounding Miếu Bản has witnessed various historical shifts. Before 1945, it thrived as a bustling marketplace, pulsating with the energy of the community. In the pre-1965 era, amid the tumult of conflict, Miếu Bản evolved into a hub for lime-burning and orange cultivation. Throughout the struggles against colonial powers, it provided refuge for revolutionaries and served as a hub for organizing resistance efforts.

Yet, amidst the tumultuous past, the spirit of revitalization persists. In 2010, Miếu Bản underwent a transformative restoration, funded by the community, symbolizing their commitment to preserving cultural heritage. With an investment of nearly 4.3 billion Vietnamese dong, this endeavor not only rejuvenated physical structures but also rejuvenated collective memories, fostering a sense of pride in the village's rich history.

Mieu Ban Giang Cao Festival
Mieu Ban Giang Cao Festival

Nestled along the banks of the Red River, the precincts of Miếu Bản exude a serene beauty, housing invaluable relics such as ancestral tablets and manuscripts on moral virtue. Annually, on the fifteenth day of the second lunar month, a festival is held, honoring tradition and paying homage to ancestors.

Miếu Bản transcends its role as a mere spiritual site; it symbolizes gratitude and reverence from present generations to their forebears, whose sacrifices paved the way for the community's prosperity. Their legacy continues to guide Giang Cao village forward, preserving the cultural essence of the nation.

Mieu Ban Giang Cao Village stands as a vibrant tableau, bridging the past with the present. The enduring legacy of Lê Huệ and Lê Kiêm underscores the values of altruism and familial duty, while the restoration of Miếu Bản reflects the nation's commitment to honoring its heritage, contributing to the cultural tapestry of Vietnam's story.

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